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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 08/21/2023

At Ethereum Code, we put paramount importance on the protection of your personal details and the privacy of such information.

Our Privacy Policy aims to illuminate our practices regarding the collection, storage, use, and protection of the data you provide while using our website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”).

Our commitment to you is founded on these key principles:

Transparency in Management of Your Personal Data:

Our objective is to provide you with comprehensive details, empowering you to make well-informed choices concerning your personal data’s management. We endeavor to provide relevant information about your data’s handling promptly and effectively.

If there’s ever a necessity to convey specific information, know that we will do so when and where it’s most appropriate.

For any questions or clarifications, you can always contact us within the boundaries of the law at

Use of Your Personal Data Strictly in Accordance with this Policy:

Your personal data may be processed for various purposes, such as enabling website access, enhancing user experience, refining our services (inclusive of the Website), safeguarding our rights, performing business-related tasks, abiding by legal and regulatory mandates, and grasping your individual preferences.

Commitment to Honoring Your Rights Pertaining to Your Personal Data:

We are dedicated to ensuring you can utilize your rights as a data subject. You can approach us any time you wish to inspect your personal data, request edits, deletions, limit its use, or transfer it to yourself or another party. We pledge to adhere strictly to the law in all our actions.

Assurance of Your Personal Data’s Security:

Though absolute security is elusive, we promise to employ a diverse array of strategies and measures to guard your data.

Our Comprehensive Privacy Policy

1. Scope of the Policy:

This Policy elucidates the nature of personal data we gather, its collection, usage, safeguarding, processing, and more.

In this context, “Personal Data” denotes any data related to an identifiable individual, who can be recognized either directly or with other information at our disposal.

“Processing” means any operation performed on personal data, ranging from collection to erasure.

Our services aren’t for children below 18. We neither knowingly amass data nor allow service access to individuals below this age. If we find any such data, we will promptly delete it.

2. Collection Timings of Personal Data:

Data collection occurs when you engage with our Services, access our Website, or communicate with us.

3. Voluntary Submission of Personal Data and its Consequences:

Though sharing data is optional, not doing so might affect our service delivery or your Website usage.

4. Type of Personal Data Collected:

We gather data during your Website visits, like online logs, IP addresses, visited pages, language, software reports, and browser type. Some of this may not be classified as Personal Data.

We also collect data shared during your communications with us.

5. Rationale and Legal Foundations for Data Processing:

We adhere to legal grounds for data processing.

Our processing is grounded on:

  • Your clear consent.
  • Legitimate interests pursued by Ethereum Code or third parties.
  • Legal obligations of Ethereum Code.

For detailed insights into our processing grounds, contact

Here’s a table highlighting our processing purposes and their legal grounds:

| # | Purpose | Legal Basis |

| 1 | Sharing details with third parties at your behest | Your clear consent |

| 2 | Addressing inquiries and complaints | Legitimate interests pursued by Ethereum Code or third parties |

| 3 | Abiding by legal mandates | Legal obligations |

| 4 | Service refinement | Legitimate interests pursued by Ethereum Code or third parties |

| 5 | Preventing fraud | Legitimate interests pursued by Ethereum Code or third parties |

| 6 | Conducting supporting tasks | Legitimate interests pursued by Ethereum Code or third parties |

| 7 | Analysis and statistics | Legitimate interests pursued by Ethereum Code or third parties |

| 8 | Defending our and third-party rights | Legitimate interests pursued by Ethereum Code or third parties |

6. Sharing Personal Data with External Entities:

Ethereum Code may share data with service providers such as hosting firms, IP analysts, and user experience researchers.

Additionally, upon request, we might share data with third-party crypto trading platforms. In these instances, third-party policies apply.

Your data might also be shared with our partners, governmental bodies, or during corporate transactions like mergers or asset sales.

7. Cookie Utilization and Third-Party Affiliates

At Ethereum Code, we may collaborate with third-party affiliates, such as analytical agencies or entities providing promotional content on our Website. These third parties might also implement cookies or analogous technologies, and their methodologies are governed by their distinct policies.

Cookies, which are diminutive text files, are placed on your device when you engage with our Website. They empower us to accumulate insights about your actions, enhancing your browsing experience, memorizing your inclinations, tailoring content, and formulating reports.

We use both session cookies, which are ephemeral and vanish once you terminate your browser session, and persistent cookies, which stay on your device post browsing and aid our Website in identifying you upon subsequent visits.

Our cookie classifications are:

Cookie Category Functionality
Essential Cookies Crucial for seamless navigation and accessing features
User Preference Cookies Identify returning users and recall their selections
Analytic Cookies Yield collective data and refine website efficacy

You have the autonomy to adjust your browser to restrict or erase cookies. However, altering these settings might compromise certain functionalities on the Website.

Online Tracking Update: Currently, our platform does not recognize Do-Not-Track requests.

8. Preservation of User Data

Ethereum Code will hold onto your User Data for a duration that is requisite for the processing intentions specified in this Policy or for extended periods if mandated by pertinent laws, directives, or regulations.

We consistently evaluate the User Data we have to determine its relevancy and erase obsolete information.

9. Relocating User Data Across Borders or to Global Entities

It’s possible for your User Data to be moved to a country other than yours or to global establishments. When such situations arise, Ethereum Code pledges to implement adequate measures to guard your User Data and to guarantee your rights are upheld.

For those residing in the European Economic Area (EEA), these measures will be applicable under the following circumstances:

– The transfer is to a region or entity approved by the EU Commission for its robust data protection. – The transition is anchored by a legally enforceable agreement between public bodies. – The transfer is in accordance with the standard protection clauses set by the EU Commission.

For clarifications regarding the protective steps we take during data migration, please reach out to:

10. Safeguarding User Data

At Ethereum Code, we adopt fitting technical and organizational strategies to safeguard User Data, factoring in the processing-related risks.

In specific circumstances beyond our jurisdiction, we might be compelled to hand over User Data to entities like governmental bodies. In such scenarios, our influence over the protection level your data receives is circumscribed.

Keep in mind that transferring data online isn’t always foolproof. Therefore, Ethereum Code can’t assure absolute safety for data transmitted to our platform via the internet.

11. External Web Resources

Our platform may feature hyperlinks to external websites or apps. Ethereum Code does not supervise these external domains or their data collection and management practices. We aren’t accountable for their methods or for their privacy guidelines. This Policy doesn’t encompass activities on those external domains.

We recommend going through the privacy guidelines of these third-party platforms meticulously prior to using them or revealing your data.

12. Policy Modifications

Ethereum Code might occasionally refine the terms of this Policy. We will notify our users by making the modified Policy available on our Website. For significant alterations, we will proactively communicate through suitable channels and will also post an advisory on our Website. Changes will be operative immediately upon uploading the revised policy.

13. Upholding Your Data Rights

You typically possess the right to inquire about our data collection practices, to access your data, demand corrections, and request the deletion of surplus data. You can also restrict the extent of your data consent.

For those in the EEA:

To action the rights described below, kindly send your inquiries to:

Access: Determine if we’re processing your data and, if so, gain access to that data along with additional insights like the reasons, categories, recipients, and retention periods.

Rectification: If there’s inaccurate information about you, you can request corrections or additions.

Erasure: You can ask for data deletion under specific conditions.

Processing Restriction: Under some circumstances, you can demand a limit on data processing.

Data Portability: Acquire your data in a readable format and have the right to forward it to another handler.

Objection: Disagree with processing based on our or a third party’s legitimate interests. Direct marketing objections are also valid.

Consent Withdrawal: You can retract data processing consent anytime.

Complaints: Lodge a grievance with an EU authority regarding data processing.

Certain rights might be limited by EU or local legislation.

We commit to responding promptly and within a month. If needed, we might extend this by two months and will notify you about the reason for any delay.

Queries are typically addressed without charges unless they’re unreasonable, where we might impose a fee or opt not to process the request.

For identity validation, further details might be sought.